Full Set of 7 Proximators® with Sharpening Stone and Washtray

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Make your next extraction:
  • Atraumatic
  • Predictable
  • Efficient

The Full Set of 7 Proximators includes a selection of the most uselful and popular configurations of the Proximators for complete coverage and access.

The Small Straight, Small Curved and Sharpened Spade Proximators cover premolar to premolar in the maxillary and mandibular arches. The Small Distal and Small Mesial Proximators are ideal for sectioned maxillary molars and for the apical 1/3 of mandibular molars. Large Distal and Mesial configurations are expecially strong for use in the dense mandibular bone and are able quickly eliminate large sections of periodontal attachement. They are also especially useful for directly engaging 3rd molars and for separating the maxillary tuberosity to prevent fracture.

The Full Set of 7 Proximators comes complete in a sterilization cassette and includes a sharpening stone for the keeping them honed to a razor fine edge.

Included in the Full Set are the following Proximators:

17.007.01Small Straight Proximator, 2.5mm Wide Tip, Green
17.007.03Small Curved Proximator, 2.5mm Wide Tip, Blue
17.007.05Sharpened Spade Proximator, Yellow
17.008.01Small Distally Angled Proximator, 2.5mm Wide Tip, Purple
17.008.02Small Mesially Angled Proximator, 2.5mm Wide Tip, Purple
17.008.03Large Distally Angled Proximator, 4.5mm Wide Tip, Yellow
17.008.04Large Mesially Angled Proximator, 4.5mm Wide Tip, Yellow
24.923.10Proximator Sharpening Stone, Cylinder, Ø1cm / 10cm Long
85.181.001/2 Wash Tray w/ Retaining Bar, 8 Slots

* Please note: If you have a prefered setup and would like to take advantage of the discounted pricing, please indicate the Proximators you would like to substitute in the comments section during check-out