We provide the highest quality dental instrumentation with unmatched durability. Our instruments are hand-finished to ensure they meet the precision your practice demands.

Spade ProximatorTM
Apical Retention Forceps


Since 1947 quality has always been our passion and at the core of everything we do. Thought it starts with the finest materials, it goes much further. We carry this same focused passion through to the detailed craftsmanship and designs of our award-winning instruments and into every segment of our business.

Roba Forceps
Universal Curette


Our quality instruments help the practitioner achieve greater procedural efficiency and optimum patient outcomes. Your practice deserves, and your patients demand, the extreme precision delivered by Karl Schumacher dental hand instruments and we expect you'll see and feel the care we put into our entire line of dental products.

Roba Forceps AetranoxTM Edition
Spade ProximatorTM AetranoxTM Edition

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A legacy of quality and precision at Karl Schumacher Dental produces instruments of progressive distinction.

The result is a line of esteemed instruments and kits that achieve unparalleled performance.


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An innovative culture inspires today's Karl Schumacher Dental instruments.

Our specialized kits feature the highest quality materials giving dental care practitioners the control they desire.