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Set of 5 Spade Proximators® with Washtray


The set of 5 Spade Proximators includes all the configurations of the Spade tippped Proximator needed to access the entire mouth. When the Proximators were introduced the straight Sharpened Spade was recommended for creation of a purchase point for the other Proximators. The very fine and sharp point is incredibly well suited to engage and advance into tight spaces. However it soon became clear the the Sharpened Spade Proximators was the favorite of our customers. The issue of posterior access was addressed with the later introduction of the Mesial and Distal Spade Proximators for the maxillary arch and the Left and Right (East/West) Spade Proximators for the mandible. The Set of 5 Spade Proximators provides access to the entire mouth and includes: Instrument ... Read More

ExcaliBur PFM Round End Fissure Specialized Carbide Bur, Coarse Cross Cut, Ø1.2mm x 4.0mm, FG, 10pcs


The ExcaliBur PFM Round End Fissure Specialized Carbide Bur, Coarse Cut features a blended neck to dissipate stress throughout the bur and reduce the risk of breakage. The 100% tungsten carbide construction provides optimum durability. ... Read More

CompoSmooth Kit, Incl. Handle, 4 Aetranox Composite Instruments, All 3 Soft Application Silicone Inserts and Wash Tray


The CompoSmooth DCR Kit from Karl Schumacher allows you to form and finish direct composite restorations effortlessly. The soft give of the CompoSmooth DCR silicone tips leave a sleek and feathered surface without the hard edges and impressions that a standard hand instruments creates. The CompoSmooth DCR composite instruments feature the exclusive AETRANOX™ surface reinforcing matrix help prevent adhesion of the composite and are the perfect compliment to the soft silicone tips. Achieve a gentle and controlled finish of the composite restoration prior to curing and you will reduce the amount of final polishing required...and that allows you to see your next patient sooner! ... Read More

Set of Periotomes, #1 & 2


Karl Schumacher Dental Instruments Periotomes are the original, patented instruments designed specifically for atraumatic exodontia. Used at the beginning of any extraction, they are designed to be inserted vertically into the PDL space in order to sever the periodontal fibers and allow the root structure to escape the bone the fastest way possible; occlusally. Karl Schumacher Periotomes are thin enough to enter tight PDL spaces and flexible enough to follow the root curvature to the apex. Due to their thinness they are able to prevent gross lateral expansion of the alveolus and are well suited for application along the buccal. They feature a smooth, sharpened edge along the entire radius in order to incise (not tear or rip) the periodontal ligament down to the apex and are fully TiNi coated to retain their edge without the need for additional sharpening. The Set of Periotomes includes the both the anterior TOME1, with a straight Perioto ... Read More

Full Set of 6 Apical Retention Forceps


Apical Retention Forceps™ are the original Karl Schumacher atraumatic extraction forceps. The complete set of six was designed with five major mechanical advantages in order to eliminate the basic problems of minor, supra-gingival contact that traditional forceps provide. With parallel beaks that are anatomically correct, the Apical Retention Forceps™ are able to achieve greater surface contact along the tooth, while their sharpened and tapered outer profile penetrates deep into the alveolus in order to make secure purchase on the root structure. The precision cut longitudal serrations within the beaks stay engaged during axial rotation, for a confident and secure grip of the tooth and root throughout the procedure. For over 20 years Karl Schumacher Apical Retention Forceps™ have helped practitioners prevent root fracture and securely engaged broken down teeth for the superior surgical results our customers, and your ... Read More

Full Set of 7 Proximators® with Sharpening Stone and Washtray


The Full Set of 7 Proximators includes a selection of the most uselful and popular configurations of the Proximators for complete coverage and access. The Small Straight, Small Curved and Sharpened Spade Proximators cover premolar to premolar in the maxillary and mandibular arches. The Small Distal and Small Mesial Proximators are ideal for sectioned maxillary molars and for the apical 1/3 of mandibular molars. Large Distal and Mesial configurations are expecially strong for use in the dense mandibular bone and are able quickly eliminate large sections of periodontal attachement. They are also especially useful for directly engaging 3rd molars and for separating the maxillary tuberosity to prevent fracture. The Full Set of 7 Proximators comes complete in a sterilization cassette and includes a sharpening stone for the keeping them honed to a razor fine edge. Included in the Full Set are the following Proximators: ... Read More

Complete Bionik Handle Implant Hygiene Setup


Karl Schumacher BionikTI Scalers and Curettes are crafted from the same titanium alloys used to manufacture implants and abutments. The BionikTI hygiene instruments are 13X stronger than a plastic or resin based curette, giving them the strength needed for even the toughest debridement; it also means that the tips of the Karl Schumacher BionikTI Scalers and Curettes are honed to be 30% thinner than other implant hygiene instruments, giving you superior access. The combined attributes of strength and biocompatibility together give you an instrument that performs just as well as a stainless steel instruments, but with the safety and capabilities you need for the cleaning of exposed implant components and preserving the mucosal peri-implant tissue. In fact, BionikTI Hygiene instruments are sharp, strong and effective enough that you can use them in lieu of traditional stainless steel hygiene instrumen ... Read More

Spade Root Tip Kit, 6 Elevators and 2 Root Forceps


The Karl Schumacher Spade Root Tip Kit is the ultimate resource to remove fractured roots. All eight instrument feature identical heavy spade tips to securely engage and elevate the root structure. The set includes six Spade Elevators in different configurations which are durable enough to elevate firmly retained roots. They can also be used in the creation of purchase points on each side of the root for introduction of the extraction forceps. The Karl Schumacher Spade Root Tip Forceps feature tips that are shaped similar to a Rongeur, but include a heavy serration along the edge of the tips. This design allows for a broader engagement around the root, contacting more surface area, for firmer engagement than a traditional standard root tip forceps. The Spade Root Tip Kit contains the following instruments: ... Read More

Complete Set of Apical Instrumentation - Apical Retention Forceps, Proximators® & Periotomes


Complete Apical Instrumentation including: 6 Apical Retention Forceps, set of 2 periotomes and set of 7 proximators, sharpening stone and tray. SAVE! ... Read More