Set of 5 Spade Proximators® with Washtray

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Make your next extraction:
  • Atraumatic
  • Predictable
  • Efficient

The set of 5 Spade Proximators™ includes all the configurations of the Spade tippped Proximator™ needed to access the entire mouth.

When the Proximators™ were introduced the straight Sharpened Spade was recommended for creation of a purchase point for the other Proximators™. The very fine and sharp point is incredibly well suited to engage and advance into tight spaces. However it soon became clear the the Sharpened Spade Proximators™ was the favorite of our customers. The issue of posterior access was addressed with the later introduction of the Mesial and Distal Spade Proximators™ for the maxillary arch and the Left and Right (East/West) Spade Proximators™ for the mandible.

The Set of 5 Spade Proximators™ provides access to the entire mouth and includes:

17.007.05Sharpened Spade Proximator, Yellow
17.008.05Distally Angled Sharpened Spade Proximator, Purple
17.008.06Mesially Angled Sharpened Spade Proximator, Purple
17.008.08Sharpened Spade Proximator, Angled Right, Yellow
17.008.09Sharpened Spade Proximator, Angled Left, Yellow
85.182.001/3 Wash Tray w/ Retaining Bar, 5 Slots